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Patient Spotlight

Katherine Wilson

Stay-at-home mom Katherine won’t let anything slow her down. Whether she’s chasing down her two young children, Meredith and Knox, or going through an intense workout in her home gym, Katherine’s been equipped to handle anything life throws her way thanks to the care and dedication of P&O Care practitioners.

Born limb deficient due to amniotic band syndrome, Katherine had been using a passive hand prosthesis since the time she was able to sit up independently. While pregnant with her second child, Knox, Katherine began looking for a more versatile prosthesis which would allow her to better keep up with her family and take full advantage of her workout equipment after she gave birth. Katherine was introduced to P&O Care’s Jon Wilson and was put on the path to wider motion!

Katherine was anxious about how her new prosthesis would fit and how comfortable it would be for an extended period of time. “Jon took all the second guessing away by testing range of motion and photographing length to match my arm while standing, flexing, grabbing, and more. I’ve never had a prosthetist do that and it was so appreciated,” Katherine says.

Once Katherine was fitted with her body-powered prosthesis composed of a self-suspending suction socket, locking liner with distal lock, quick disconnect wrists, and JAWS terminal device, she was more ready than ever to hit the gym. Katherine’s ability to adapt to her new prosthesis was completely natural, as she showed an intuitive level of control over the prosthesis, using it to work out the very next day after her final fitting!

With the support of P&O Care, Katherine has a prosthesis for every occasion now. Jon was also able to fit Katherine with a passive hand for when she would like a more cosmetic look and for interacting with her little ones more safely, as well as a Vari-Pinch Prehensor prosthesis for when she needs a more functional terminal device for day-to-day tasks.

Katherine is back to being fully immersed in her active lifestyle thanks to Jon Wilson and all of the staff and practitioners at P&O Care From being able to bring her young daughter to fitting appointments to getting personalized attention and care to reassure her throughout the process, P&O Care was dedicated to providing Katherine with the best experience possible for her prosthetic needs.

“I was a collegiate student athlete and won six national championships,” says Katherine. “My future goals are to bench press twenty pounds and now that I’ve got a TRS Jaws prosthesis, I can try the monkey bars!”


“Jon at P&O Care was as personable and kind as he is talented and dedicated. Every specification was monitored and adjusted accordingly to fit my every need. I have never been more happy with a prosthesis in my life!”