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Patient Spotlight

Eric Moore

In April of 2013, Eric’s life was permanently changed by a car accident that left him with a badly broken left ankle bone and left tibia. Hoping for the best recovery possible, Eric was confined to a wheelchair for 16 weeks with a multitude of plates and screws holding the bone together. While the top half of his bone had healed, the bottom half had not fully healed.

Over the stretch of seven years, Eric received three ankle fusions and 11 surgeries, most of which were performed to battle a constant infection in his original surgical incision. Understandably, Eric had had enough of his drastically limited mobility, medications, and negative side effects from his slew of treatments, and eventually opted to undergo an amputation procedure. In December 2020, Eric was introduced to two practitioners from P&O Care, Luke Brewer and Jordan Carda, when he was fitted with his first prosthesis and with the onset of 2021, he could finally begin his journey back to an active, healthy life.

“Since I’ve gotten my prosthesis, I’ve done things I haven’t been able to do in years,” says Eric. “I go fishing with my son. I’m like a mountain goat. I can go wherever I want to go.”

As a union representative traveling nearly 70,000 miles per year to factories and other industrial settings, Eric had extreme difficulty efficiently doing his hands-on job prior to his amputation without being in constant pain. Constantly on his feet for work and in need of a prosthesis that would hold up to a lot of usage, Eric had in-depth interviews and goal setting sessions with P&O Care’s Luke and Jordan in order to find the prosthesis that would suit him the best.

Now equipped with a sturdy foot prosthesis, Eric’s confidence and outgoing personality have returned. “I can’t even put into words how much my quality of life has improved,” says Eric. With an improved positive mood, drastically easier mobility, and living a pain-free life, Eric is ready to get back to doing the rewarding things in life – fishing, kayaking, and visiting historical Civil War sites with his 17-year-old son. Most importantly, though, Eric is back to mowing his own grass at home, a feat that would have proven impossible just a short while ago.

“P&O Care has been amazing,” says Eric. “Those guys are always there for me. Holidays, evenings, whenever. If someone needs something, they’re there to help you.”

With an upcoming trip to Gettysburg and a busy work schedule, Eric can’t wait to see what else his new, more mobile future holds.


“For the first time in years, I can take care of everything by myself again. I know P&O Care was the right choice for me and for my quality of life.”