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Testimonials > Connie Barnes

Patient Spotlight

Connie Barnes

Connie met her husband, Ronnie, in 1974 when they were both working for the US Air Force. 46 years later, their relationship is nothing short of a true love story.

Mobility for Connie has been a challenge since she medically retired in 1997, so her family supports her in any way they can. Ronnie takes her to see her doctors, grocery shops, cooks dinner, and takes care of the household chores.

The pain in her knee began in the 1980s, and Connie’s activity lessened as the pain increased. After speaking with her doctor about finding relief of constant knee pain in the early 90s, Connie had her patella removed. Due to complications and the buckling of her knee, she was not a candidate to have a replacement put in and has had to relearn how to walk without putting too much pressure on her knee.

Connie has used multiple Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) braces in the past but none of them offered quite enough support to keep her from falling. When looking for a new KAFO, Connie looked to Google. Finding P&O Care and urging her doctor to write her a referral, she booked an appointment with Justin Hall, CPO/LPO. Justin fit her with a new KAFO orthosis that suited her activity level, needs, and comfort levels. Upon fitting her with the device, he demonstrated to her how to use it and helped her walk more naturally. Connie comes in for adjustments on her brace and to check-in with Justin every other month. She has enjoyed working with P&O Care so much that her husband is looking to see another practitioner to relieve some of his own physical pain.

The new brace from P&O Care gives her more freedom and a break from the constant pain she has experienced over the last 30 years. Once the coronavirus is over, she hopes to take her grandchildren out for a walk, bake cookies for her family, and cook her husband’s favorite meals a few times a week.


Justin did a wonderful job walking me through the entire fitting process. He was gentle and very knowledgeable and genuinely seemed to care about my personal goals for having an orthosis. He even calls to check-in and see how I am doing; most health care providers do not do that.