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A one-of-a-kind orthosis 

C-Brace® by Ottobock

The C-Brace is a microprocessor-controlled leg orthosis that responds to everyday movements and situations in real-time. This helps ensure the safety, stability, and confidence in the user’s everyday lives.


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C-Brace Benefits


New Freedom of Movement

The C-Brace allows users to experience a whole new world of movement. Users can walk slowly or quickly, navigate slopes or uneven terrain, avoid trip hazards, descend stairs step-over-step, or flex the leg while it’s under load.


Small and Lightweight

The new C-Brace is small enough to be worn inconspicuously under clothing. Because it’s lightweight, the user expends less effort while walking.


Enhanced Safety while Walking

The C-Brace responds in real time. This makes users feel safe even when they face potential trip hazards – because they can take steps or sit down with the knee flexed, and can also walk on uneven terrain or slopes.


App Control for Users & Professionals

Users can control their C-Brace with the Cockpit app; for example, switching from walking mode to cycling mode.


Dynamic Movement Patterns

The new sensor technology makes the C-Brace even more intuitive to use, with additional dynamic and responsive movement patterns.


Simplified Fabrication Process

The C-Brace is fully customized to each individual patient. Patients can request a trial to see if they are a candidate prior to receiving a C-Brace.

Getting back to you

C-Brace users can enjoy activities with their families and friends, while experiencing life in a completely new way. 

Live the life you deserve with C-Brace

“Putting on the C-Brace for the first time was a feeling I could never relive again. Right then, it was me again. I used to serve my country, and now I serve my family.”

“It wasn’t until I was in the middle of a C-Brace trial that I began to realize this technology could actually restore my freedom of mobility back to a level at which I’d be happy with."


How the C-Brace works

The C-Brace offers support for patients with unilateral or bilateral leg paresis or flaccid paralysis, flexes under load (when walking, sitting, or climbing), and responds to everyday situations in real-time. The C-Brace enables users to step into their new future. Read the specific features below.

Replaces lack of muscle function in the quad

Returns gait pattern to normal

Built-in sensors that determine leg's current position and direction

Microprocessor with real-time response

Hydraulics that act as thigh muscle