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Upper Extremity Prosthetics

The human hand is one of the most complex structures of the human body, and it takes a true specialist to create a comfortable prosthesis designed to perform day to day tasks with ease. Some prosthetic companies build one upper extremity prosthesis a year. We see many more than that. We are specialists in upper extremity prosthetics and provide comprehensive prosthetic care for all levels of amputation, including bilateral (both sides) involvement.



Shoulder Disarticulation

Transhumeral (Above Elbow)

Elbow Disarticulation

Transradial (Below Elbow)

Wrist Disarticulation

Partial Hands and Fingers

Meet Joni

She’s mother of two, a structural bridge engineer, and a below elbow amputee.


Nearly all upper extremity prostheses have two things in common: A custom made socket (the intimately fitting frame around residual limb) and a terminal device (a hand, hook or special use device). Your lifestyle, goals and amputation level help to determine the prosthesis best suited for your needs and your P&O Care prosthetist will fully cover all of your options.

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Prosthetic Timeline

Wondering about the fitting process?

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Peer Visitor Program

Need some hope and encouragement? Connect with an amputee peer visitor today.

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