• I believe I received the best possible care and expertise in the fit and delivery of my prosthesis. I have referred several people to P&O Care in the past and will continue to do so in the future. To me, P&O Care is the top tier provider of these services in the St. Louis area.

    Hemipelvectomy Patient & Certified Prosthetist with 40 years experience
    Mount Olive, IL
  • I am very pleased. I never thought I would walk, but look at me now. Thank you very much for making me see that having an amputation is not the end of my life.

  • The best part is P&O Care gave me my mobility back and I can dance with my daughter!

  • Laurie was very professional, made me feel comfortable at a time when I was really down. She helped me in more ways than I can list here.

  • From beginning to end, the process is always top notch

  • I cannot put into words how much Lauren did to make this process easier and not a traumatic memory. I had no way of knowing how great you all were until I saw and heard things from other amputees that made me so happy P&O Care was my partner in my recovery

    Linda lee
    Right Transfemoral Amputee, Certified Peer Visitor
  • Service was outstanding. We only wish we had known about P&O Care sooner. They were fantastic with my elderly mother.

  • Thanks to Shawn’s expertise, I now have new feet! I am a very active person physically, and this has given me a new lease on life. Thanks so much!

  • I will always go to P&O Care. Friendly. Courteous and very considerate.

  • I was exceedingly comfortable. The staff was very accommodating and Daniel was thorough and professional with the whole process

  • Fast. Efficient. Friendly. Competent.

  • Your office staff is very friendly and helpful. Shawn was extremely helpful and went beyond normal requirements to be sure my AFO fit properly. His work ethic was the reason I returned to P&O Care for my second AFO.

  • We appreciate Dan Luitjohan’s competence, patience and compassion!

  • In the 36 years I have been an amputee, Jon Wilson, is the best prosthetist I have known.

  • Very professional, always pleasant, always willing to go the extra mile

  • I make it a point to refer anyone to P&O Care

  • Great service in all regards. I appreciate the professionalism of all personnel at the clinic. Luke did a superb job.

  • Very fast! Appointment made within 30 minutes of referral!

  • I was extremely pleased with my visit to P&O Care. In fact, no one could ask for better. Totally professional, courteous and genuinely helpful. P&O has great care providers that are true professionals.

  • The entire experience, beginning from initial assessment to final fitting, has been pleasant and rewarding. Tremendously appreciate the quality care provided!

JONI // Wife/Mother, Structural Engineer, and Below Elbow Amputee

Joni lost the lower half of her arm after a farm accident when she was seven years old. After the accident, Joanie was fitted into a myoelectric prosthesis immediately and has had different versions of arm prosthesis since. Joanie inspects bridges as an engineer. She also loves to spend time with her husband and two daughters, and now loves braiding her daughters’ hair.

DOUGLAS // Stay-at-Home Dad, Air Force Veteran, and Bilateral Knee Orthosis User

In 2008, Douglas was involved in a severe training accident while serving with the Air Force in Afghanistan. He had numerous knee and spinal surgeries to manage the severe spinal stenosis and pain in his knees, but his continued discomfort greatly limited his daily activity. He sought relief from his knee pain at P&O Care and was fit with bilateral custom knee orthoses. He credits his active, nearly pain free lifestyle to the braces he has received.  Douglas loves spending time with his daughters as a stay at home dad. He also enjoys the outdoors and sharing his story to inspire others facing injury and rehabilitation.

JIM // Golfer, Management Consultant, and KAFO User

Jim was diagnosed with Polio when he was 10 years old, effecting the muscles in his left leg. He began wearing a Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis from a young age to support and stabilize his left knee and foot. Jim has worked with P&O Care for more than10 years and continues to maintain a very active lifestyle. He is a freelance management consultant and loves to travel and play golf.

SAM // Below Knee Amputee

Sam lost his leg below the knee in 2012 due to diabetic complications. He received his first prosthesis from another provider, but was not able to use it because it was too painful and did not fit properly. Forced to use a wheelchair, Sam feared he would never walk gain, until he met the practitioners from P&O Care. Sam now comfortably walks on his own with a prosthesis and firmly believes the quality of his life has been forever changed because of the care and attention he received from the P&O Care team.

ANITA // Diabetic Shoe User

Anita sought relief from her daily foot pain from P&O Care. After trying three pairs of shoes from other providers, Anita visited P&O Care with a friend.  Anita is now pain free and loves to shop.

NICK and ISABEL // Married Couple, Veterans, and Diabetic Shoe Users 

Nick and Isabel visited P & O Care for their diabetic shoe needs. They never thought they could do the activities they did before. And now they can.

TORI // Mother, Dog Lover and AFO User

When Tori suffered a severe ankle injury, she was initially given a generic walking boot, but fount it to be extremely heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. Her physician referred her to P&O Care for a Custom Ankle Foot Orthosis to manage her pain and discomfort. Pleased with the comfortable, custom made and lightweight AFO, Tori is now able to return to walking her dog and shopping.

Man with Bike Testimonial - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

MARK // Husband, Avid Cyclist and Below Knee Amputee

Mark lost his left leg below the knee after complications from emergency open heart surgery in 2013. After nearly 54 days in the ICU, Mark was unsure if he would ever be able to return to the hobbies he once loved: bicycling, motocross, and ice hockey. Today, Mark is a Certified Peer Visitor, logs over 100 miles a week on his bicycle and enjoys caring for his young granddaughter.

shirly - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

SHIRLEY // Grandmother of 10, Avid Shopper and Below Knee Amputee

Shirley lost her right leg below the knee following complications with diabetes.  A self proclaimed independent women, Shirley was determined to regain her independence and refused to depend on her family for her daily needs. Once she started wearing a prosthesis, she has never looked back. Shirley is a Certified Peer Visitor and enjoys long walks in the park and shopping for her 10 grandchildren.

billy - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

BILLY // Husband, Defensemen for USA Sled Hockey Team and Above Knee Amputee

Billy lost his right leg above the knee when he was 18 due to osteosarcoma. He quickly mastered life with a prosthesis, returned to working full time and began playing sled hockey with the Disabled Athlete Sports Association in St. Louis. Billy qualified for the USA National Sledhockey Team as a defenseman in 2014. He continues to work full time as a plumber and enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Dr. Record Posing with Robert, Patient with Prosthetic Hand - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

ROBERT // Husband, Auto Mechanic and Partial Hand Amputee

Robert lost part of his right hand in a farm accident in 2012. He has mastered the use of his iLimb, a microprocessor controlled hand with 5 independently moving fingers and now completing training to become a certified auto mechanic. Robert enjoys baseball, four wheeling and spending time with his wife and son.

gene - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

GENE // Veteran, Philanthropist and Below Knee Amputee

Gene lost his right leg below the knee as a result of complications from Peripheral Vascular Disease. As a military veteran, Gene is built tough. Faced with the loss of his right leg, he was determined not to let it slow him down. Gene came to P&O Care to receive a second opinion after complications with his first prosthesis and now walks pain free in his new prosthesis. He believes the education and personal attention he received at P&O Care have enabled him to be more active than ever before. Gene loves to travel and is heavily involved in many local charities, including the Joshua Chamberlin Society serving wounded military veterans.

Smiling Couple - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

ROGER // Husband, Father of 2, Weightlifter and Above Knee Amputee

Roger lost his right leg above the knee in a motorcycle accident in 2013. With more than 10 broken bones, a severe head injury and a crushed jaw, doctors were unsure if he would return to an active lifestyle. Now, he’s stronger than ever. Roger continues to push the limits and enjoys running 5k races, weightlifting, working full time at a hardware store and actively lobbying in Washington DC for Prosthetic Parity and Amputee Care. Roger is a Certified Peer Visitor and is well known in amputee online community.

Doctor Posing with Patient with Prosthetic Leg - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

DAVID // Husband, Weightlifter and Below Knee Amputee

David lost his right leg below the knee in a high-speed motorcycle accident in 2011. Doctors put him in a medically induced coma for 2 days due to his life threatening injuries, and was determined to walk again, despite his long road to recovery. He proudly supports and empoweres other amputees through the rehabilitation process, due in part to the tremendous support he received from relative and fellow amputee, Skip. David is a Certified Peer Visitor, works full time in sales and loves Blues hockey, weightlifting and traveling abroad with his wife.

Doctor Posing with Patients with Prosthetic Legs - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

SKIP // Husband, Electrical Contractor and Below Knee Amputee

Skip was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2011, four days after his relative, David, and also lost his right leg below the knee. Prior to the accident, Skip was working full time as an electrical contractor, and enjoyed jogging and playing sports with his sons. David and Skip not only share the bond of family but have experienced the trials and triumphs as amputees side by side. Skip has returned to full time work as a contractor and continues to lead an active lifestyle. Skip is also a Certified Peer Visitor and an active lobbyist in Washington DC for Prosthetic Parity and Amputee Care.

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