Relationships that MATTER.
Devices that FIT.

Care Team

We strive to build relationships that matter and devices that fit.

We believe working together starts with building a relationship with someone you trust, someone that comforts, empowers and challenges you to reach your goals. Our extensive experience, compassion and dedication to improving your mobility distinguishes us from other providers. I am confident our team can help you return to the life you love. We are proud to be architects of abilities.

– Jim Weber, CEO

Jon Wilsonthumb - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

Clinical Director

Luke Brewerthumb - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care


DanLuitiohanthumb - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care







Justin Hall

Resident Prosthetist/Orthotist

We are proud to be the only prosthetic and orthotic company in St. Louis featured on Healthgrades. View reviews of our practitioners at

Health Grades - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

State Licensure

Did you know that only 16 states require state licensure for all Prosthetic and Orthotic Professionals? The state of Illinois requires all prosthetic and orthotic practitioners to submit their educational and professional credentials in order to practice; whereas states without licensure do not certify a prosthetic and orthotic practitioner has the qualifications, training or knowledge to properly treat patients. We firmly believe that all states should require licensure. That’s why of our practitioners meet the requirements to obtain licensure regardless of the state(s) in which they practice.

In House Fabrication

Don’t believe in shortcuts. Our fabrication labs allows us to oversee every stage and detail of fabrication.

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Mobile Units

We have a fleet of vans to serve hospitalized patients, skilled nursing, rehab facilities and homebound.

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We have three convenient locations, plus we can bring our mobile units to you.

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