Special Use Prosthetics

Most lower limb prostheses are designed for everyday use, however for those who want to push the boundaries, specially designed prostheses for specific activities such as for swimming or running or skiing are within reach.

P&O Care is proud to provide innovative designs for a wide variety of special uses for nearly all levels of lower extremity amputation.*

Daughter and Mother with Water Resistant Prosthetic Leg Playing in the Pool - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care


You can now go to the pool or beach with confidence! Some prosthetic knees and feet are specially designed for full emersion in water and incorporate the use of stainless steel components to prevent corrosion. Some water feet have small suction cups on the bottom to ensure safe walking in wet environments, while others allow the user to adjust the ankle to point the toes for swimming.


The “J” shaped, “blade” or “cheetah” running prostheses are no longer reserved for elite athletes. You can be fit with the same technology at P&O Care!*

Not all patients wanting to run with their prosthesis require a “running foot.” Most modern feet are made with carbon fiber and provide some “energy return” and are well suited for shorter distance running. Learn more about the prosthetic feet here.

Man Running with Prosthetic Running Foot - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care
Smiling Man with Prosthetic Leg Walking to Slopes - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care


Hit the slopes with confidence! Several prosthetic knees and feet have been specifically designed for snow and water skiing enthusiasts. Hydraulic units incorporated into these joints provide both shock absorption and the ability to maintain a skiers posture!


Many transfemoral and transtibial amputees are able to ride a bike with ease with their everyday walking prosthesis. No additional components are necessary! We definitely recommend that patients practice on a stationary bike before venturing out on the trails.

Man Riding Bike with Prosthetic Leg - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

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Most insurance companies will pay for an “everyday use” or “walking prosthesis.”  Running, Swimming and other special use prostheses are typically patient pay devices, and not covered through insurance (with the exception of workers comp and the VA).

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