Have you noticed one day the ring on your finger is too big and the next you cannot seem to get it off? This is an example of the normal daily volume change in your body, and you may notice your limb will also go through the same daily fluctuations.

We’ll teach you how to use prosthetic socks to help manage these daily changes. Prosthetic socks are categorized by the thickness or “ply” of sock. For example, a one-ply sock is equivalent to the thickness of one sock (think of the thickness of an athletic sock), and a three-ply sock is equivalent to three socks and so on…You will be given a full supply of prosthetic socks to manage the daily volume fluctuation of your residual limb. Socks can be worn for nearly all levels of amputation with suction, pin and lanyard systems to adjust the comfort within the socket. Any combination of socks can be used to achieve a snug fit, so you can mix and match to make the socket snug and comfortable. When you begin wearing over 12-15ply of socks on a daily basis, it may be time to take a new cast and create a new socket.

Like a snapshot in time, your prosthesis is created to match the shape of your limb the day of casting. Over time, your limb will likely change as your activity level, weight and lifestyle change. No need to worry, because we can modify and make changes to your existing prosthesis as your needs and body change and when appropriate, cast you for a new prosthesis.