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Orthotic Overview

We provide complete orthotic care from head to toe. From supportive and corrective braces to those specifically designed for sports, we do it all.

(or-thot’-iks) n. the art and science of designing, fabricating braces in order to restore physiological function

The terms “brace” and “orthosis” are often used interchangeably. An orthosis may help restore motion, correct or protect the body from further injury. An orthotist specializes in selecting or designing the appropriate device to restore mobility. Whether your loved one is recovering from a stroke, injury or recent surgery, we are equipped to help. We are architects of abilities.

Fitting Timeline

The orthotic fitting timeline generally consists of three visits. The process begins after the receipt of a physician’s script.


After a thorough evaluation, and receipt of a script from your doctor, we will take measurements and/or cast your limb. Your custom device will be fabricated in our lab or we will order a pre-Fabricated device best suited for you.


Once your device is ready, about 7-10 working days after the evaluation, you will be fit with your device in the office. Any adjustments can be made to ensure you are comfortable using and wearing your new device.


One to two weeks after you receive your device, we’ll schedule you for a follow up visit to make sure that you are happy with your device and it is fitting you well.