Monthly Messenger January 2019

Monthly Messenger January 2019

Officer Ryan O’Connor



Just over a year ago, Officer Ryan O’Connor, of Arnold, was involved in the arrest of a burglary suspect in Jefferson County that ended with a blindsiding outcome.

The alleged suspect, Chad Klahs, was found behind Zinger’s Mart and was arrested just before being put into Officer O’Connor’s police car. Police seized one weapon from the suspect, but unfortunately a second gun had gone undiscovered. Klahs open fired in the SUV hitting O’Connor in the back of the head causing him to suffer from life-threatening injuries.

It was unclear whether he would survive, but both hope and the best medical care (from Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado) have made it possible for him to make tremendous progress in his recovery. Through Officer O’Connor’s outstanding hard work in therapy and rehabilitation, he is now able to move parts of his body and communicate in some ways.

P&O Care has been incredibly fortunate to work with not only an outstanding patient, but a true hero. Our practitioners teamed up with, Myomo, an orthotic company that helps people regain mobility to limbs that have become paralyzed (Ryan’s right arm).

The MyoPro powered brace is currently the only marketed device that can restore an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living, including feeding themselves, carrying objects and doing household tasks. Many are able to return to work, live independently and reduce their cost of care. Check out the video below of Officer Ryan O’Connor moving his arm for the very first time in over a year!

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