Luke D. Brewer, CPO

Luke Brewer - P&O Care - Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

Luke D. Brewer, CPO

Offices: St. Louis, MO


Missouri State University
Medical Biology 2007

Northwestern University
Certificate of Orthotics 2008
Certificate of Prosthetics 2009


ABC Certified Orthotist
ABC Certified Prosthetist

Luke Brewer first became interested in the orthotic and prosthetic profession in high school after he suffered a serious spine injury in a motor vehicle accident. Luke earned a degree in medical biology from Missouri State University in 2007.  He continued his education at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago completing the orthotics program in 2008 and prosthetics in 2009. He always tries to develop a deeper understanding of his patient’s unique needs so he can recommend innovative solutions that will help them maintain a higher quality of life. Luke likes to spend time with his family and friends and enjoys golf, running, and being active in the outdoors.