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I couldn’t be more comfortable in my new device from P&O Care. Jon Wilson’s expertise made the entire fitting process quick and easy.

John Neill - Savannah, MO


Jon D. Wilson, CPO, the leader of the P&O Care Clinical Team, is nationally recognized for his contributions to hemicorporectomy management. A hemicorporectomy or translumbar amputation is the removal of the body below the waist often due to severe trauma or osteomyelitis (cancer in the bone) of the pelvis or spinal cord. A body “bucket” style prosthesis has been well documented in scientific literature, however early designs failed to address pressure sores and severe skin breakdown within the socket.

Jon pioneered the use of DRY FLOTATION® Technology to improve the comfort and intimate fit of the body bucket design. Originally designed as wheelchair cushions to prevent severe skin ulcers by the ROHO Group, Jon proposed to use the small, manually adjustable air cells to line the inside walls of the hemicorporectomy body bucket. Jon received the prestigious Howard R. Thrandhardt Lecture Honorarium from the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association as a result of his efforts. Regarded as the leading expert in Hemicorporectomy prostheses, patients from around the country travel to P&O Care to be fit with Jon’s innovative design.

Jon Wilson's Case Study

Jon Wilson’s abstract, A New Concept in Prosthetic Interface Design For Hemicorporectomy Amputees Utilizing ROHO Comprehension Therapy: A Case Study for a Prosthetist’s Perspective, received the prestigious Howard R. Thranhardt Lecture Honorarium for the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association.

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