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Many of our custom devices are handmade right here in St. Louis.

Quality and precision guaranteed.



We don’t believe in shortcuts and neither should you.  Many prosthetic and orthotic companies “outsource” or send out their custom prosthetic and orthotic devices to factories hundreds of miles to be fabricated. Devices made hundreds of miles away just cannot have the same attention to detail as a device made in the same facility the patient was evaluated. Each P&O facility houses a state of the art fabrication lab with qualified technicians with a distinct attention to detail.  We’ll make it right, because at P&O Care, we truly are architects of abilities. Benefits of in-house fabrication are: fast turn around time, reduced errors, optimum patient fit and satisfaction, superior device quality.

Socket Customization

Love Cardinals Baseball? Want a camo leg? Make it yours! Virtually any fabric can be directly incorporated into the rigid frame or socket. Or you may choose a pigmented color close to your skin tone.

Hand Casting


Hand Cast | P&O CareWhile there have been recent advancements in computer aided casting techniques (also known as CAD CAM), we have found the best outcomes are a result of direct hands-on interaction and casting. We believe that no computer can match the expertise and skilled hands of our prosthetists. We adhere to the foundation of the prosthetic field, hand plaster casting, as opposed to scanning simple measurements or fiberglass casting to achieve the best fit for you. Hand casting also allows the patient to give the practitioner feedback during the casting procedure to ensure the best fit is achieved. P&O Care practitioners truly are architects of abilities!

Prior to casting, your prosthetist will make special markings on the casting sock to determine where you can and cannot tolerate pressure, much like a “blue print” to help create your customized prosthesis.


Care Team

We hope to build lifelong relationships. Let’s connect you with someone that you could trust, who will inspire and challenge you to achieve great results.

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Mobile Units

Don’t believe in shortcuts. Our fabrication labs allows us to oversee every stage and detail of fabrication.

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We have three convenient locations, plus we can bring our mobile units to you.

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