U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now one of the nation’s largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum precious metals. Philip Diehl is the president of the US money reserve and a former Mint Director. He has proved himself as one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors.

Diehl has been in many media appearances this year talking about the future of the gold market plus the U.S. Money Reserve’s leadership and customer service. Eric Dye Show acts as a platform to share products, services, experiences, and strategies with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and top executives. The 50 States Quarter program and the minting of platinum coins that were the first-ever for the U.S, government to issue out. He is proud of turning an agency to bad credit lender with flashapply.com an entrepreneur one from its backward ways. Diehl entrepreneur skills have made U.S. Money Reserve one of the largest distributors of government-issued valuable metal bullion, bars, and coins. This year, 2016, U.S. Money Reserve began a self-directed precious metals IRA program for customers. Customers can hold physical gold as a unit of wealth for retirement. Customers shall also benefit from any rise in gold prices.

Thousands of clients in the United States acquire assets in the form of precious metals, primarily in the form of U.S. gold and silver coins. A team of experts in the U.S. Money Reserve working on coin research and numismatic professionals with market knowledge collaborates to find products that can generate the highest profit for precious metal buyers. Safeguarding wealth in the form of precious metals can be safe due to the unpredictable economic downturns. Paper currencies eventually collapse when governments that issue them collapse. Precious metals are not at the mercy of the government. This is true since these metals are very hard to find and thus exist in a finite amount.

The US dollar is increasingly being threatened by the ongoing geopolitical concerns around the world, especially in the East. Central Banks have resorted to protecting their currency by piling gold as they are planning on quitting the dollar. World Gold Council 2014 by the Eastern nations; Russia, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkey have either participated in adding reserves or have made it clear that gold is valuable. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn This shows the value of gold will increase without a doubt, and it has from the past as demand from 2004 to 2013 rose by 70%. The economic superpower of China and other states have contributed to this. The protection of currency with gold can support a rising price of gold in the future. It’s definitely a good way to diversify one’s wealth.